About Us

Trusted advisor to 300 schools and 30,000 students around Australia.

Over the last 6 years Elevate’s quest has been to unlock the secret to the final years of high school: Why do the top students get the top marks? Having carried out an exhaustive process of benchmarking hundreds of past students, we have identified a number of areas where the practices of the top students differ to average or lowering performing students. It is our belief and our experience that any student can improve their marks by tapping into, replicating and using these insider secrets.

This simple, but yet incredibly powerful approach has seen Elevate’s award winning programs adopted in 300 schools around Australia and shared with 30,000 students annually, making Elevate Education Australia’s largest provider of study skills programs to Australian High School Students. Elevate Education are past winners of the Nescafe Big Break Awards in 2002 and publishers of “Science of Student Success” a study guide that has sold over 10,000 copies and takes you into the minds of the State’s top students.